LED Lighting and Installation

LED Lighting and Installation

SGS Electrical And Data are not your average electrical contractors. We are experienced lighting installers.

We understand the high importance of lighting a room, entrance foyer, office or outdoor area. It provides atmosphere and ambience.

With the excitement of LED lighting now providing the opportunity to save significant money by replacing old energy hungry lighting systems.

It is often difficult to keep on top of the latest LED technology and designs. With new releases of LED lights, SGS Electrical And Data are working with these products on a daily basis and we are here to give you advice on possible solutions.

While we are not suggesting that we can replace professional light designers, the feedback we receive from our customers suggest that a simple conversation with us at the start of your lighting journey can be worthwhile. We will be able to provide you with a range of options and quotes which will help you with your decision making.

Once a project has been completed we are available for technical support and maintenance and are happy to assist where we may be required.

Do you need help with electrical maintenance?

Our services are available to those within the Gold Coast area. Call us now.

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