House Rewiring

House Rewiring

rewire a house gold coast

Rewiring your home may not be an expense you look forward to, but if your existing wiring poses a risk of fire or electrocution, it’s the best investment in your house you can make.

Do You Need to Rewire Your House?

How do you know if you really need to rewire your house? You can ask an electrician, but how do you know for sure you can trust their advice? A less-than-reputable electrician might tell you the house needs rewiring just because they need the work. On the other hand, a reputable electrician is most qualified to tell you if your house needs rewiring.

You should definitely have your wiring inspected if you have repeated minor electrical problems. That could be a sign that your existing wiring is dangerously frayed, not properly grounded or not up to the demands of your modern appliances.

Our fully qualified electricians at SGS Electrical And Data can give you a peace of mind by checking your property for safety and give you an honest assessment for making your home Electrically Compliant.

Power Points

A lot of older style homes simply do not have enough power outlets, we always think that we have installed enough outlets in different areas of our home, unfortunately with today’s electronic age we need more power outlets. We can use our electrical skills to install a new power outlet anywhere to make your life more convenient and to keep our modern family happy.

Replacing old power outlets is the easiest, cheapest way to make your home look new and bring more value to it. A simple affordable change throughout your home can give you the modern look that you need.

Do you need help with electrical maintenance?

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