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SGS Electrical, Air Conditioning & Electrical was founded on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 2012.

SGS Electrical is a licensed electrical contractor (License Number 80101), and a member of the Clean Energy Council. Our qualified electricians are on site during all of our installations. Our team are experienced solar professionals who have completed hundreds of installations without a problem – so we are confident we can design and install a system that is perfect for you. Why not get a quote?

There are several types of warranties:

  • Product warranties – which cover any problem with the actual product. These warranties are supplied by the manufacturer – most solar inverters come with a 5 year product warranty, and most solar panels come with a 10 year product warranty as standard. Extended warranties are sold separately.
  • Power output warranty – this warranty is offered by the manufacturers of solar panels, and guarantees a minimum power output for the life of your solar panels (usually 25 years)
  • Service / installation warranty – this warranty is offered by solar companies like us. It is not compulsory, and consumers should be wary of using companies that do not offer a warranty on the work they do. At SGS Electrical, Air Conditioning & Electrical, we are proud of our work and confident in the skills of our staff which is why we offer an unbeatable 25 year warranty if anything goes wrong with your solar system due to something we have done (or didn’t do) while installing it.

If you’re looking for an extended warranties for your solar or air conditioning system, please get a quote. Alternatively, you may be interested in our Membership Plans where, depending on the plan, extended warranties are included.

SGS Electrical was born and bred on the Gold Coast. We now operate from Coolangatta to Brisbane, however our Membership Plans are currently only available in South-East QLD.

SGS Electrical provides loyalty based discounts and rewards such as those offered in our Membership PlansWe also offer price match or price beat guarantees. What is the best part? You wont’ feel pressured into signing up on the spot. Our offers are genuine and give you the flexibility to buy when you are ready. For more information, view our page on Discounts.

Yes we can, but we can’t guarantee it. If we have the stock available we will do our best to help you (our business owners have been known to pitch in and work weekends and late days too). Call us on (07) 5564 8094 and let us know what you need.

Contact Us to book an inspection. We do charge a small call-out fee because it can be tricky to diagnose what the problem is – it could be the inverter, the panels, the wiring or a combination of problems. If the inverter is faulty, we charge $290 to remove the old inverter and install a new one (assuming it is still under warranty – if it isn’t, you will need to purchase a new inverter). If $290 sounds expensive, you should consider our Premium Membership Plan – for one payment of $250 per year we will change your inverter for free anytime from the date you sign up, plus give you an additional 5 year extended warranty on your inverter, and a free panel clean (worth $220) each year for 5 years.
Alternatively, if you’d prefer to diagnose the problem yourself you can contact the manufacturers of your inverter and/or solar panels and ask for assistance. If you’re a SGS Electrical customer, we provided you with a list of manufacturers and their contact details in your handover booklet.

Yes. As a SGS Electrical member, you will be eligible for discounts or free maintenance on your solar panels and air conditioning. If you’re not sure you want to become a member just yet, that’s ok. We provide maintenance for non-members and new customers – simply get a maintenance quote.

SGS Electrical, Air Conditioning & Electrical recommends booking in a clean for your solar panels once a year – if you live in a regional area or a property that is particularly dusty, you may want to consider a clean more than once a year. We usually charge $220 for a clean, however if you purchase our Ultimate or Premium Membership Plans a solar panel clean is included free in your plan.

Solar systems come in different kW sizes – the size of your system will determine the number of panels on your roof. For example, a 5kW system will mean you will have 20 panels on your roof (assuming each panel is 250W).
The size of the solar system you will choose depends on a number of factors including:

  • Things that are out of your control: the size of your roof, the orientation of your roof, the materials of your roof and the pitch of your roof will affect the size of the system that can physically fit on your roof, and the costs involved in putting it there.
  • Things that are up to you: how much you are willing to spend, and how much you would like to offset your energy bill.

To find out what size system best suits you and your property, get a quote.

The price of solar has drastically reduced in the last decade. While feed-in tariffs (how much money you get from selling solar to the grid) has also sadly come down, it is still a great time to buy solar with government incentives still in place that save you thousands of dollars off the price of solar. These incentives, called ‘STC’s (Small-scale technology credits), are in place until at least May 2017 at which time the scheme will be reviewed.
So, how much will it cost you to switch to solar?
If you’re a resident, you will most likely get anywhere from a 2kW – 6kW system on your property. The size of the system you choose depends on:

  • Your budget
  • The amount of energy you use
  • Your energy usage patterns
  • The size, orientation and materials of your roof

A typical household in Australia will pay around $4000 – $6000 for their solar system. This does not include your Energex fees for supply and servicing your meter. You can read more about Energex fees here.
Be aware that like most companies, the prices listed on our website are based on a ‘standard installation‘. Unless you want to be hit with hundreds or thousands of dollars of unexpected costs, make sure you talk with an experience solar representative and potentially even have them view your property before agreeing to a quote over the phone.
What’s the best part of switching to solar? Depending on the size system you get, how much you pay and your energy usage – your solar system could pay for itself in only a few years!

Solar batteries store solar power meaning you can draw on your own solar power (stored in your batteries) when the sun goes down. Solar batteries are becoming increasingly popular in Australia especially with the release of the much hyped Tesla solar battery.  Depending on the size of the solar battery, the size of your solar system and your energy usage patterns, a solar battery could significantly reduce or remove your need for grid power meaning no more pesky electricity bills!
However, the price of solar batteries is still expensive with a typical system in 2016 costing around $15,000 (this is for an entirely new solar system with a battery). If you already have solar on your roof and just want to add a battery, it will still cost around $8K – $10K dollars just for the battery, not to mention the installation costs and any upgrades that may be required (in some cases, you may need an inverter upgrade, an entirely new inverter or entirely new system altogether).
SGS Electrical, Air Conditioning & Electrical believes it isn’t crucial (and doesn’t really make economic sense) for homeowners to rush in and buy a battery right now. The price of solar panels has reduced drastically and the technology has rapidly improved since the mid 2000’s –  and so too will solar batteries. We believe homeowners should keep an eye on the solar battery market and consider making a purchase in the next few years when the price has come down and more batteries become available that are compatible with existing solar systems.

There are a few options for you to get a quote.

We will try! We offer a price match or price beat guarantee. All you need to do is send us a copy of your quote and we will see what we can do.

Yes we do, but it is generally not offered on our sale items. Financing a typical 4 or 5kW system can cost as little as $30/week.  Get a quote and find out how much finance will cost for your system.

If you like our quote and decide to go ahead with purchasing a system from us, we do generally request an upfront 10% deposit. Keep in mind we offer a 5 day cooling off period – if you change your mind during that time we can refund you your deposit.

SGS Electrical, Air Conditioning & Electrical offers a 5 day cooling off period after you have accepted your quote and made a deposit. If you cancel your purchase during this time we can refund you your deposit. To postpone your installation please give us as much notice as possible – if you want to cancel your installation you will most likely not be refunded your deposit, depending on how late you advise us of cancelling.

A typical 5kW installation can usually be completed in half a day, larger commercial installations will take anywhere from a couple of days (20kW-50kW) to a couple of weeks (>50kW). For larger systems or tricky roof spaces it could take longer –  ask your SGS Electrical account manager how long the installation may take when you get a quote.

SGS Electrical, Air Conditioning & Electrical will install your solar system on your property. The time this takes depends on the difficulty and size of the installation – for a typical house this is usually completed in half a day. After the installation is completed we provide you with a handover booklet and explain to you how your solar system works, how your inverter works, how you can view the amount of solar power you are generating, what happens to your meter box etc. and answer any other questions you may have.
That’s it!

It would be beneficial for you if someone was home because we spend about 15 – 20 minutes going through your hand over booklet to explain how your systems works and to answer any questions you have (please see ‘What happens during an installation‘), but as long as we have access to your yard and meter box and there are no unrestrained dogs on your property we should be able to complete an installation without anyone having to be home.

Yes. We can do installations on the weekend if necessary – if you give us advanced notice we can usually make it happen however it isn’t usually necessary for you to be home for an installation to occur. Please see “Do I Need to be Home for an Installation” for more information.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Email your question to or phone (07) 5564 8094.

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