Data, USB and TV Points

Data, USB and TV Points

Electrical Wiring for Phone, Internet & TV Points & Data Cabling Installation

Need more electrical outlets around your home or office? We can help!

That means more phone, internet and TV points around the home so everyone in the family can do what they want, when they want.

Whether you are moving house or need to upgrade your current home, SGS Electrical And Data can install extra phone and internet points in your kitchen, bedrooms, home office or anywhere else you need. We can also take care of any internet repairs if your internet is down.

Splashed out on a new home entertainment system? Our qualified electricians can help you set it up, with additional TV points and any wiring or rewiring that is required.

USB Outlets

As more and more of our devices become portable, USB charging becomes more important. There is nothing worse than going to plug in a 240V appliance only to find a USB charger taking up the last 240V outlet.

The answer to this problem is a double power point with inbuilt double USB charger.

Do you need help with electrical maintenance?

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