Bathroom Heater Installation

Bathroom Heater Installation

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At SGS Electrical And Data we know how important it is to stay warm during the cooler winter months. Bathroom heaters are designed to keep your bathroom warm during winter. With a bathroom 3 in 1 combination unit, your bathroom can have all that you need lighting, heat, and a fan.

Benefits of a fan in the bathroom

Bathrooms are the wettest room in your home, therefore prone to mould and decay if there is too much moisture buildup in addition to a lack of ventilation. If moisture is allowed to build up on bathroom surfaces, there are a variety of unhealthy bacteria that can build up in these conditions, making your bathroom unhygienic. In addition, the buildup of moisture can damage the paint and potentially the bathroom fittings and fixtures. A correctly fitted exhaust fan extracts the moist air from the bathroom, preventing condensation and moisture on the bathroom surfaces. A ceiling exhaust fan also removes unwanted odours and when fitted with a heating light, provides warmth after those winter showers.

Bathroom Heater Installation requirements

The main requirement for the installation of a bathroom heater is ensuring sufficient ceiling space above your bathroom. If you have a smaller ceiling cavity, this will need to be considered when selecting your heater combination unit. If you are unsure if you are able to fit a 3 in 1 heater in your ceiling, then one of our electrical specialist will be more than happy to take a look and advise you of your best options.

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