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For as little as $30 per week, You can switch to Free Solar Power NOW!

What is HUMM?

Certegy Ezi-Pay is now known as HUMM, which provides easy payment plans for homeowners and businesses to switch to solar. Using a payment plan is a smart option to invest in Solar Power and repay over time, using your power bill savings to cover repayments.

How it works... SGS Electrical will ask you to pay an initial deposit for your chosen solar system and the remaining balance is then paid off through convenient fortnightly direct debits to your HUMM payment plan.

Best of all, you pay No Interest Ever!

How does No Interest Ever really work?

One of the great benefits of your payment plan is that you never pay interest on the amount you owe.

There are fees to set up and run your account and to process your repayments. These fees are included in your credit and payment schedules. So you know exactly how much you are being charged and, providing you stick to your payment plan, you know exactly how many payments you need to make.

So there really is no interest. Ever!

Got more questions?

Talk to our team about how HUMM Ezi-Pay works, the fees and charges that apply and the options for managing your account.

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in paying over time, then SGS Electrical can get you started with a payment plan across a wide range of our smart energy-saving products.

We can help you obtain a pre-approval in minutes…

Simply Click to APPLY

Once approved, we will ask you to supply your pre-approval details and ID to process your order.

Pre-approval is available for up to $5,000 and lasts for 60 days, so make sure you shop before the expiry date or you’ll need to re-apply.

For More Info, visit HUMM

Ph 07 5564 8094